Titleist T400 Iron - Steel Shafts

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Play the most forgiving Titleist experience possible while launching it higher and farther. Designed to help moderate swing speed players score lower.

Every aspect of T400 irons is engineered to produce greater playing distance – starting with the incredibly fast Super Thin L-Face. The lower edge of the face wraps around the sole, maintaining ball speed even when impact is made lower on the face. Masterfully fused with a confidence-inducing head shape, it makes faster feel effortless.

Features and Benefits

Up to 100 grams of high density tungsten is strategically integrated into the heel and toe on 5I, 6I and 7I to lower the center of gravity. Making it easier to launch these essential low irons high and far.

A major challenge with a typical wide body iron is a sluggish feel through the turf. The T400 Split Sole changes the game, preserving the benefits of a wider body while sliding through the turf more like a player’s iron.

The hollow construction of T400 irons allows weight to be moved where it can help you most, creating outstanding MOI. Delivering shots that fly longer and straighter from heel to toe.