Wilson Staff Infinite Putter - Grant Park - 35"

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The Wilson Infinite Putter line includes seven head shapes in a dark, matte finish to reduce glare and accentuate sight-lines.

Counter-balanced technology provides a more controlled putting stroke.

DOUBLE MILLED FACE Promotes consistent impact, roll and distance control.
COUNTERBALANCED TECHNOLOGY Moves the balance point closer to the hands for a smoother, more controlled putting stroke.
DARK ANTI-GLARE FINISH   New ultra dark PVD finish to reduce glare and accentuate sight-lines. 
NEW GRIP New perforated pattern for improved feel Strong White, Black color contrast with Red Accents for visual attention in putter well Oversize design construction provides a stable feel and limits rotation during stroke. Heavy grip construction, 104 grams, to create counter-balanced putter feel.